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This website and blog came out of from my passion for knives. It started back at a very young age and continues to this day. 

By trade I'm a 30 year journeyman machinist with a decent background in design, engineering, machining, machine building with a bit of metallurgy. My day job to support this love for knives, is in sales and applications for the machine tool industry.

I enjoy getting outdoors with Creed & Woody (my Golden Retrievers) and of course a knife. It usually takes a few weeks to use and see how a particular knife performs at a variety of different task. Afterwards sharing my thoughts and pics with you. That's the fun part. 

I find knife and gear reviews to be rather boring as they're all about the same. Usually it's someone sitting on a couch telling you how great or tough a particular knife is, when you can clearly see that it's never even been outside. I don't claim to know everything about knives, actually very little in the scheme of things. However I know a good and a not so good knife when I see it, hold it and most importantly, use it.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic knife community. If you're like me, you love knives and enjoy reading about them and how they perform.

If you own a knife that you would like for us to review, please let me know.

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